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How does Anxiety present itself?

Anxiety can show itself in many different ways so its worth knowing what signs there may be.

In teenage years it can be a highly emotional charged time. They want to be grown up but are still feeling vulnerable and the mixes of feelings can be hard to deal with. Their social situations can also be a mix of emotional and feelings., be it at school, with friends or out in groups.

Stress can be a key factor in how they are feeling, stress can build up due and the pressure of it can make them feel out of control.

Anxiety is normal, we all feel anxiety at times, and it can help to make us perform or keep us alive and make decisions. It is only when the anxiety becomes too much and leaves them feeling out of control that it can have the problems and be debilitating for them.

Their sleep can be disrupted, this will be outside of their normal sleep patterns which we know as teenagers can alter their sleep at this age.

They are communicating negative thoughts; this could be about themselves or excessively worrying about something happening.

Anger or outburst over seemingly trivial things.

They have physical symptoms, tummy aches, headaches, reflux, IBS (all these need checking with a GP if you are worried)

Unable to concentrate, tense, irritable or just distance.

Eating habits may change.

They shut themselves away, this could just be from family at home, or it could be they don’t ever want to go out.

Any teenager can experience one or all of these above but its worth keeping track and listening to what they are telling you if it is becoming where it is affecting their everyday life.

Do you see any of these?

Get in touch if you need support with them now.

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