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You and Your Teenager

Are you ready to support your teenager and help set themselves free?
Lets eliminate those feelings of self doubt, of being stuck and lets achieve what you know you can do..


Hi, I'm Helen,

I help parents with teenagers and young adults to remove the anxiety and overwhelm from their lives as a family unit and gain confidence, freedom and control back into their everyday.


Using my programme “Teen Spirit” we together find the root causes for emotions, behaviours and anxiety that is showing through a vast array of symptoms and actions they are feeling and experiencing as a reality.

The programme supports them to work out what is causing them pain and anxiety, emotionally, physically, and most likely in the immune systems as body responses

This could be as panic attacks, anxiousness, IBS, sleeping problems like insomnia, reflux, OCD, social anxiety, breakdowns, and even self-harm.

Parenting is hard and scary most of the time, you have a constant worry about them. How do they feel, are they safe, are they being looked after, am I doing enough?

Added to that we now have phones with accessible Internet and social media 24 hours a day. There's news, Dr Google, new gadgets, have they got the “in” clothes, I could go on it's never ending.


To see our children experiencing something that we are finding harder to help with makes us feel hopeless, helpless and guilty as parents we should be able to fix this right?

We aren't superheroes, we can't do everything. We go to services which are already stretched to the limit before the pandemic began and the last years have just exacerbated that. Where do we begin to get help and get started there is no visible line to queue jump….

Maybe going private is something you have thought about before but put off by cost, that's understandable. You've tried all the normal routes GP's, CAMHS, other services, websites, books and online courses.

Therapists and Counsellors seem daunting and you're still afraid of some stigma that may be attached to that.

Now is the time to drop that thought

You need to support and as a parent you will do anything to help your children.

As a coach my work is different. I work with you all as a unit, although your child will come first in the conversation. They need to be in control of how this works for them.

Normal family life is crippled because of their anxiety – it's become harder and harder for you all to do anything together as a family – let alone enjoy quality time together.

This is where we want to change that around.

Book a call now with me, just you first as the parent and we can chat through what is happening and what you need. This is a free call, no obligation to go further.

Once we have had the conversation, we can arrange for you all to join and make sure it is the best way to move forwards for all of you.


​By the end of the 8 sessions, you are going to have a renewed sense of purpose and motivation that will take you to revived and reset.

You will have the tools and techniques to recognise when your mind is heading off in the wrong direction again and also how to recognise this in your children and help them to use the tools you have all learnt.

Parents, we know how hard it is for children growing up these days, social media, peer pressure and constant access to news can make the world seem a very big and scary place.


When our children reach teenage years this can be challenging for you too when you know they are fighting and falling and you run out of ways to support them more. 

You can see they need support but you also need support too in guiding them. 

My method is for you too, it is providing emotional wellbeing for them but also giving you access to the method to continue helping them. 

Doing Homework
Teenagers looking at laptop

What Can I Do For You?

When we work together, I am 100% committed to getting you the results for you, no stone is unturned.
I will be respectful & objective, however, ill call you out but in a good way, having some light-hearted instant relief moments along the way. 
Giving you the drive and motivation to find your solution focused result you want for that freedom you've been desiring from your own thoughts and emotions.

Anger, stress, worries, anxiety are all big emotions that any of us can feel, it leads us into self doubt, low self esteem and low self confidence. 

They complete and finish the sessions feeling cleared of the imposter syndrome, negative self-belief, negative core beliefs and mental blocks that have held them back.

Your subconscious is the part of your mind is constantly, tirelessly working in the background for you, calculating and worrying about security and survival.

The “TEENSPIRIT” Method will discuss your thoughts, feelings, beliefs and actions, which are the lenses through which your mind constantly filters the world and which heavily determine how you experience daily life and challenges.

Within the first 3 sessions you’ll begin to understand how you are feeling,  You’ll notice some shifts in how you think and how you see yourself.

In the next sessions you will begin to see what you believe to be true about yourself may be holding you back and you can cast it aside.

You’ll understand how you think and why so you can change or adapt this in your relationships with friends and family and school or college peers. 

We work together and you can unlock yourself from the isolation that is felt and understand what makes you Tick (Tok) !!!

A New Sense of Freedom

It can be really flattening to feel stuck. It can be hard to know that you either did achieve results previously and your mindset is now holding you back or you are feeling fixed and not free or present. 

This can be solved and you can feel free again to know where and how you want to head. 

Its not just about reading a book and off you go, you need to look at what is causing this, internal or external sources. This way you can see, adjust and move forwards to that freedom you desire.

Remove Self Doubt

Do you find yourself feeling stuck? You know you need to do something but what? Or do procrastinate? 

We usually know we need to change something, however we find that it can be easier to stay as we are than to challenge our thoughts, we then give in to the self doubt and the process continues.

Imposter Syndrome?

Do you feel like there is that little voice, just there niggling on your shoulder?

Do you sit down in the evening or go to bed and think, I am not good enough for this? Maybe you wonder when people will realise you cant do it? You have most likely already achieved good results but still feel like an imposter? You CAN change this.

Feeling tired, over whelmed, rushing from one thing to another, nothing got your full attention, saying yes to all but don't have time or resource to see it through?

Always striving to do your best but never seeming to quite get there?

Exams approaching or heading off to college or University, its hard work, maybe you are leaving school and heading out in a workplace and feeling completely overwhelmed by it all. 

Heartburn, Reflux, IBS symptoms, waking in the night and not able to get back to sleep for what seems like hours. Generally just feeling fatigued and wanting just 5 minutes to recharge...  

Here some examples of frustrations that have been said to be eliminated when they have completed the “TEENSPIRIT” method

  • procrastination

  • Fear of failure, presentations, large groups, social anxieties etc

  • low self esteem

  • stress levels

  • imposter syndrome

  • negative self-talk

  • boundaries

  • not doing what you know you NEED to do

  • never feeling good enough

  • worrying about what others think of you

  • feeling isolated

  • lack of focus

  • Uncontrollable anger 

  • Vandalism

  • Divorce

  • Hyperactivity

  • Concentration issues

  • Speech difficulties

  • Stealing

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Anger management

  • Exam nerves

  • Eating issues

  • Confidence

  • Performance anxiety

  • School Attendance

  • Shyness

  • Headaches

  • Illness

  • Insecurity and lack of confidence

An introduction to *your* metaphorical “Waste Bin”, and how your life is being impacted.

The “TEENSPIRIT” Method Program is not therapy. I won’t ask you to talk about past negative experiences unless you bring them up.

It is not woo. Woo is the unexplained. This is explained and all about you. I am practical, logical and a straight-forward, process-oriented, coach for you.

This is not about adding to your problems and creating more thought processes for you, its about elimination of negative beliefs holding you back, not complicating and additional tricks!

For the Too Good To Be True in you

“How can you fix me?

“How can you do what others haven’t been able to help me with or what I have read online or in a book?

I don’t talk through all the previous history with you and ask you to “tell me everything” we chat and find out what is holding you back, what is causing your stress, worry or frustration. We work together to eliminate those outdated and negative beliefs that you no longer need to hold on to. All that self-doubt and critical self-talk.


Is The “TEENSPIRIT” Method for me?

If you are a parent of young adult, teenager, you are looking for a way to support them or you are a teenager, young adult yourself you get the idea!

You want to take responsibility of your life again and be in control of what you need and want.

You have most likely tried other options, books, courses, online groups or short courses etc you now want a fix which is going to last not just a piece of sticky tape.


Your 8 sessions of change

Book now and lets start your first step to success


Discovery call

Your informal chat

Lets have a call, book your free 30 minute call and get an instant sense of relief. 

*Payment plans are available


Em-Power Hour


"TEENSPIRIT" Method Plus

Your 8 sessions

plus a 121 session each month following for up to 6 months and email support. 


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