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Pregnancy, Parent and Baby


Your hypnobirthing classes will explain the physiology of birth, how visualisations work, practical breathing techniques, the power of positive thinking and language to relax the body and mind.

You will learn the importance of creating a birth environment that supports a positive birth.

We empower birth partners to understand their role so that they can be fully confident and present.

Postnatal Planning

What is Postnatal planning?!

It's a chance to think about what you will need once baby has arrived.

We talk about the important and rest and recovery and how to make that happen for you and what support you may need in that time.

We talk about what is normal baby behaviour and how to ease your baby's transition into world and your transition to new parents. This may be as a first time parent or 5th time!

Beyond Birth

Beyond Birth is a guide to help parents keep their mental wellbeing in balance, using an integration of evidence-based, effective techniques and life-skills including Relaxation, Journaling, Hypnosis, Mindfulness, Aromatherapy, CBT and Breath.

There are 6 relevant themes to explore, starting from the last few weeks of pregnancy and into parenthood for the first 12 months, including Emotions, Connections, Nurture, Healing, Transformation and Nourishment.

Both the guide and groups include meditation, reflection and connection exercises to promote wellbeing, compassion, calm, confidence and bonding with self, baby and others with a realistic, impartial viewpoint on parenting.

Early Years

Starting Solids Workshops
The aim of these workshops are to help you feel confident, relaxed and enthusiastic about introducing solids to your baby.

Outdoor Sessions - Birds, Bees & Bumps/Babies
Find out about the new group, outside, in the fresh air, connecting to you and your baby. 

We walk, we talk and we just wander and listen to each other. Its about connection to your baby and to each other.

When do we just listen, when do we stand outside and take a breath.

Children's Support sessions
Children's Sessions, structured weekly sessions around managing anxiety, managing worries, emotional regulation, lego therapy and What are emotions?


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