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Postnatal Plan workshops

Postnatal Plan Workshops

Price - 

  • 1-2-1     £80

  • Group  £30 pp/couple              Anxiety


It's a chance to think about what you will need once baby has arrived.

In this 2.5hr workshop we talk about the important and rest and recovery and how to make that happen for you and what support you may need in that time.

We talk about what is normal baby behaviour and how to ease your baby's transition into world and your transition to new parents. This may be as a first time parent or 5th time!


We talk about why postnatal recovery matters!

You do not know how your birth will go, how you will feel but you can put some things in place which will help you.


The process of making a plan is much more important than the plan itself.

Be flexible and adapt the plan as you go as you did with your birth plan, have different options.

So let's talk about it now before it all happens.


Just like planning for birth, this isn’t about having a set plan. Its about exploring all your options and getting yourself prepared and informed.


Just like for planning birth, you can’t know how you’ll feel in advance. You aren’t able to know how your birth will go and whether you will need to stay in the hospital for a while or whether your baby may need to stay for a while in the hospital.


So just like birth, it’s worth having thought about all the possible options, so that, regardless of how your birth unfolds and how you end up feeling you have at least some form of support in place.


Just be aware that, as when writing a birth plan, you may encounter people who dismiss your idea. It is still a new idea to plan for after your birth.


But, why shouldn’t we have an idea of what support we would like, how we are going navigate the new feelings, emotions and physical symptoms we may be experiencing

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