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Teenage anxiety

A Life Without Anxiety and Overwhelm is in Reach

Online Coaching and In Person with Helen Stephens

Parents, Children, Teens, Young Adults

Hi, I'm Helen,

I help Parents and their Children (from babies to Young Adults) to regain their confidence, remove anxiety and revive their self worth, all through my Emotional Health Coaching programmes.

I'm a mum to one daughter and wife to Rick. 

I grew up in Kent and moved to the Sussex coast in 2007. I spent a bit of time away on the Surrey border and we moved back to the coast in 2020.


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What I Specialize In

Meet Helen

Certified Emotional Health Coach

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I help parents with teenagers and young adults to remove the anxiety and overwhelm from their lives as a family unit and gain confidence, freedom and control back into their everyday.

Using my programme “Teen Spirit” we together find the root causes for emotions, behaviours and anxiety that is showing through a vast array of symptoms and actions they are feeling and experiencing as a reality.

The programme supports them to work out what is causing them pain and anxiety, emotionally, physically, and most likely in the immune systems as body responses

This could be as panic attacks, anxiousness, IBS, sleeping problems like insomnia, reflux, OCD, social anxiety, breakdowns, and even self-harm.

Parenting is hard and scary most of the time, you have a constant worry about them. How do they feel, are they safe, are they being looked after, am I doing enough?

Added to that we now have phones with accessible Internet and social media 24 hours a day. There's news, Dr Google, new gadgets, have they got the “in” clothes, I could go on it's never ending.


To see our children experiencing something that we are finding harder to help with makes us feel hopeless, helpless and guilty as parents we should be able to fix this right?

We aren't superheroes, we can't do everything. We go to services which are already stretched to the limit before the pandemic began and the last years have just exacerbated that. Where do we begin to get help and get started there is no visible line to queue jump….

Maybe going private is something you have thought about before but put off by cost, that's understandable. You've tried all the normal routes GP's, CAMHS, other services, websites, books and online courses.

Therapists and Counsellors seem daunting and you're still afraid of some stigma that may be attached to that.

Now is the time to drop that thought

You need to support and as a parent you will do anything to help your children.

As a coach my work is different. I work with you all as a unit, although your child will come first in the conversation. They need to be in control of how this works for them.

Normal family life is crippled because of their anxiety – it's become harder and harder for you all to do anything together as a family – let alone enjoy quality time together.

This is where we want to change that around.

I trained and hold my diploma with the Emotional Health Coach Academy, you can view them here.    


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The Journey Towards Good Emotional Health Begins on the Path of Self Love. Begin Your Journey Today.

Respectful of your Privacy

Helen is so friendly, welcoming and knowledgeable and cares for your individual wellbeing not just the group as a whole. She created a safe space for you to talk and be open whilst feeling you don't need to share if you are not ready

Your Critical Friend

Helen was brilliant, like a non judgmental friend, talking through everything in a matter of fact yet humorous way. I would recommend to anyone!

Committed & Resourceful

I found the virtual sessions extremely helpful during lockdown. Helen is extremely caring and supportive and was able to tailor the course to meet my needs. I am looking forward to my future sessions. Thank you
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