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The SMART System Coaching Programme

Achieve success and balance by reviving your drive, excelling in business and thriving in life by eliminating anything that’s holding you back!

What is the SMART System?

To change your life continually and sustainably, you have to tackle the very core areas that are holding you back.

Sometimes you need a minute to sit back and look at how life is going for you.

Our time together is about identifying all the underlying negative beliefs, patterns of behaviour, feelings of self-doubt and self-worth, anything that’s affecting your confidence and how all these things are impacting your life and stopping you from moving forward.

This 8-week, in-depth 1:1 programme is specifically tailored to your needs and desires.

The core of the programme is designed around a 5- step proven process to create real change.


S = Simplistic

We’ll go back to basics and establish simple ways that you can create change and progress with goals. This will help trigger new behaviours, guide your focus and sustain momentum going forward.


M - Made For You

There is NO one size fits all. That’s why quick fixes and group sessions don’t always work.  This programme is bespoke to YOU - everything we do is designed to match your needs, wants and desires.


A = Achievable

We will set achievable goals based on the background research we do together. I’ll be there supporting you to ensure they are achievable, guiding you in the ways you can realise your goal.


R = Realistic

We’ll assess your situation to ensure that the goals you set can be realistically achieved with the resources and time that you have available to you. The more you believe that it can be accomplished, the more likely you are to work towards it.

T - Time for Transformation

It’s time to put in the actual work. I’ll help you create the desire and passion for transformation but ultimately it’s up to you to do the work. Once you start seeing the small shifts of change through our time together, you’ll be more likely to stick at it in the long run.

How will the SMART System Programme benefit you…

-    Increase confidence and courage in your goals and decisions

-    Provide a holistic upgrade and balance across all areas of your life

-    Improve your mindset and wellbeing, both physically and mentally

-    Give you accountability and support, so you actually get things done!

-    Achieve freedom, joy, happiness and wealth - with whatever your goals align with but most importantly…

-    A life where you wake up every day excited and driven with purpose and passion!

What do I get in the SMART System Coaching Programme?

Every programme is bespoke to the client, but here’s an example programme of what we might cover:


Week 1: It’s time to get to know each other on a deep level! Trust and expectation are key factors in achieving real success, so we’ll spend some time building that trust and I'll talk you through exactly what to expect in the coming weeks.


Week 2: TRUTH MODULE. We’ll be taking a deep dive into your core beliefs, looking at perception and interpretation, social influences and drip-feeding.


Week 3: STRENGTH MODULE. We’ll be investigating your thinking styles and patterns and what that means for your lifestyle.


Week 4: CONNECTION MODULE. We’ll be learning about your mind/body connection and how your perception of events creates a physical and emotional response.


Week 5: RESILIENCE MODULE. We’ll be looking at your emotional resilience and how that affects your thinking and actions, how you can develop a growth mindset and how to develop your emotional resilience.


Week 6: FREEDOM MODULE. We’ll be exploring social pressures and influences that surround you and the human need to ‘conform’ to expectations. What causes social anxiety and what techniques to combat the physical reaction to this.


Week 7: CONFIDENCE MODULE. We’ll be working on self-esteem, looking in detail at how we view and think of ourselves as human beings.


Week 8: EMPOWERMENT MODULE. A full recap of everything you’ve learnt and ensuring you have your goals, tools and resources ready to begin a new lease of life with passion and purpose!


Move from being stuck in a rut and lacking direction to feeling confident, empowered and balanced in ALL areas of your life.

The "SMART" System

Your 8 sessions of change

Book now and lets start your first step to success


The SMART System

You’re just 8 steps away from feeling revived and getting the results you want out of life.

Just £695

(payment plans available)

Book a FREE 30 minute call to chat more about it.

"Smart" System Plus

Your 8 sessions

plus a 121 session each month following for up to 6 months and email support. 


The SMART System Plus

For the businesswoman who wants extra fuel for her fire and more accountability!

Get the 8-session framework PLUS monthly 1:1 sessions and email support for 6 months!!

Only £1100

(payment plan available)

The "SMART" System

Em-Power Hour


The SMART System EM-POWER Hour

Need an instant boost, a quick deep-dive or purely want to tip your toe in the 8-week programme? Then book the em-power hour at a fraction of the cost and kick-start your self-empowerment journey today.

Only £99

Discovery call

Your informal chat

Lets have a call, book your free 30 minute call and get an instant sense of relief. 

I guarantee by the end of this programme you will…

•  Have moved forward developing a career that excites you every single day.

•  Have created a balanced life with clarity, focus and goals on where you want to go and how to get there.

•  Have awareness of managing those mind monkeys and blocks that stand in your way, giving you the confidence and courage to conquer everything you take on!


If you want to know anything else, please jump on a FREE call with me so we can get to know each other better!

Pricing Plans

Fitted to you

For the Too Good To Be True in you

“How can you fix me?

“How can you do what others haven’t been able to help me with or what I have read online or in a book?

I don’t talk through all the previous history with you and ask you to “tell me everything” we chat and find out what is holding you back, what is causing your stress, worry or frustration. We work together to eliminate those outdated and negative beliefs that you no longer need to hold on to. All that self-doubt and critical self-talk.


Is The “SMART” System for me?

If you are an account manager, sales manager, relationship manager, business leader, or high performer, you get the idea!

You want to take responsibility of your life again and be in control of what you need and want.

You have most likely tried other options, books, courses, online groups or short courses etc you now want a fix which is going to last not just a piece of sticky tape.

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