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Revive Your Drive,
Excel in Business and Thrive in Life

Emotional health coaching for professional women who feel stuck, undervalued and doubt their greatness.

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Break through mental roadblocks and eliminate self-doubt....

Hi I’m Helen, a qualified and experienced coach for professional women.

My mission is to empower individuals to take control of their emotional well-being by providing simple and practical strategies for self discovery and growth in a safe, non judgemental environment. So you can find the freedom and balance you desire to live your best life.

I work with an 8-session framework using my own version of the “SMART” system to support, guide and empower women in the corporate world.

Together, we focus on developing resilience, creating a growth mindset, building your confidence and eradicating negative beliefs or stumbling blocks that are holding you back.

By the end of the next quarter, you are going to have a renewed drive and motivation that will take you from run down to revived resulting in achieving your goals and that work/life balance you desire. 

How Can Being SMART Help You?

Your mind is an incredible tool.


It can help you thrive and be confident and successful in this world.


But it can also be the thing that holds you back.


Your subconscious is constantly and tirelessly working in the background purely focusing on the basic needs of security and survival. This constant worrying and stressing leaves you feeling stuck, deflated, flat and frustrated. You lack confidence, feel like an imposter in a male-dominated world and are constantly re-affirming negative core beliefs that keep holding you back.


Take a step into my world and I’ll help you to open up yours.


My SMART system will take you through the thoughts, feelings, beliefs and actions that are holding you back and replace them with a renewed sense of purpose and passion for life, creating a harmonious work/life balance and enabling you to reach the levels of success that you desire.


I’m a practical, logical and process-orientated coach who’s 100% committed to getting you the results you desire. I will push and encourage you whilst being respectful and objective, giving you the drive and motivation to seek out solution-focused results and freedom you’ve been wanting.


Here some just SOME of the problems people come to me with…


•            procrastination

•            fear of failure, presentations,                      large groups, social anxieties etc

•            low self-esteem

•            trouble delegating to others     

•            stress levels           

•            imposter syndrome      

•            negative self-talk             

•            boundaries            

•            not doing what you know you                    NEED to do            

•            never feeling good enough          

•            worrying about what others think                  of you 

•            fear of public speaking            

•            lack of focus


Using my SMART system we have tackled and eliminated these problems in my clients' lives.


Client Transformations

Respectful of your Privacy

Helen is so friendly, welcoming and knowledgeable and cares for your individual wellbeing not just the group as a whole. She created a safe space for you to talk and be open whilst feeling you don't need to share if you are not ready. 

Your Critical Friend

Helen was brilliant, like a non judgmental friend, talking through everything in a matter of fact yet humorous way. I would recommend to anyone!

Committed & Resourceful

I found the virtual sessions extremely helpful during lockdown. Helen is extremely caring and supportive and was able to tailor the course to meet my needs. I am looking forward to my future sessions. Thank you

Solution for Instant Calm and Relief

Day-to-day juggling of family, business, chores and everything else life throws at us can ramp up our stress levels and feel incredibly overwhelming. Often these feelings sneak up on us when we’re not prepared.


When you need a quick fix to relax your mind and body in an instant, try my FREE quick and easy strategies with 5 Ways to Instant Calm and Relief.

Stuck, flat and guilt-ridden

This was me. I'd lost the passion and drive I used to have. I worked in a male-dominated industry, took time off to have my beautiful daughter and I couldn’t go back. I didn’t feel seen or heard, I’d lost all the confidence I’d built up before being a mum. I wasn’t even sure who I was anymore.


I decided to create a life that was right for me and my family. A life where I would have purpose and impact and help other women who are struggling to have a good work/life balance.

I trained as an emotional health coach and now I enjoy a wonderful lifestyle that doesn’t impact my health. I have solid relationships based on mutual respect. And I feel seen and heard in a way that empowers me like never before.


Implementing the SMART system in my own life had a huge impact on everything.


And it can for you too.

Want to be part of a community of like-minded women?

Connected and Confident Women is a free group I run on LinkedIn. We share experiences from the corporate world and talk about being a woman in business. There are weekly updates, Q&A Sessions and mindset mastery.

Get that new sense of Freedom

It can be really flattening to feel stuck. It can be hard to know that you either did achieve results previously and your mindset is now holding you back or you are feeling fixed and not free or present. 

This can be solved and you can feel free again to know where and how you want to head. 

Its not just about reading a book and off you go, you need to look at what is causing this, internal or external sources. This way you can see, adjust and move forwards to that freedom you desire. 

Remove Self Doubt

Do you find yourself feeling stuck? You know you need to do something but what? Or do procrastinate? 

We usually know we need to change something, however we find that it can be easier to stay as we are than to challenge our thoughts, we then give in to the self doubt and the process continues. 

Imposter Syndrome?

Do you feel like there is that little voice, just there niggling on your shoulder?

Do you sit down in the evening or go to bed and think, I am not good enough for this? Maybe you wonder when people will realise you cant do it? You have most likely already achieved good results but still feel like an imposter? You CAN change this.

Are you ready to take yourself to the next level?

Let’s have a chat and see how I can help.

Contact on +44 07860841078

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