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About Me


Finding Passion and Purpose

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Most of my 20s and 30s were spent in male-dominated corporate worlds. I worked in the automotive and finance industries and quickly noticed that I was spoken to differently because I was female.


I struggled to feel seen and heard in this world, it hugely impacted my confidence (which was never great to begin with).


I knew what I was doing and I was good at my job but I had to hide the fact I was an introvert and fight harder to get noticed.


When I had my daughter, things felt even worse.


I was so grateful for having her and for everything that I had in my life. But I became stuck. I felt flat and had lost the passion and drive I used to have. I was tired and overwhelmed, rushing from one thing to another, juggling everything, putting what little energy I had into everything else and having nothing left over for me. I wasn’t even sure of who I was anymore.


It didn’t just impact me emotionally, but physically too. I’d suffer from heartburn, reflux, IBS symptoms and fatigue and would wake in the middle of the night, not being able to get back to sleep for hours.


When covid hit it was almost a blessing in disguise.


I took time back for myself and started being more mindful in everyday practices.


I had already trained in hypnotherapy techniques & CBT amongst others but I then felt the pull and passion for training to be an emotional health coach. The "COVID" years felt as if they had bought so many of us together but also divided those who were struggling and not coping and needed more support. 


I put myself first and tackled my issues head on and it create real change in my life. There was a way to become emotionally, physically and mentally healthy in every area of my life. And I want to help other women find this balance too.


Now I spend my time connecting with other women and taking them on a journey of self-realisation and discovery. I help them to revive their drive, excel in business and thrive in life.


If you’d like to find out how I could help you achieve this too, then book a free chat with me below.

Some personal things about me!

When I’m not helping other women I’m usually spending time with my husband and daughter in our home in West Sussex, or out in the countryside riding horses. I’m a huge animal lover and love being outside riding, cycling or walking. Metal wellbeing and resilience are really important to me and this is one of the ways I ensure it stays an important factor in my life.


I’m also a DIY fanatic and love doing up our house.


If you want to get to know each other more then you can connect with me on my socials here.

  • I was a young farmer and one of my cows was reserve champion at Kent County Show in '94!

  • I have a motorbike licence but don't have a bike right now

  • I have lived in nearly all the counties in the South East. Kent, East Sussex, West Sussex and Surrey!!

  • I love a plan or map, I'm old school map reader!

  • I am an exam invigilator

  • I am very logical and practical

  • I do tend to like American TV Dramas. 

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